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Sleeping with the Enemy

I find myself torn these days. Finding Beachbody and the body positivity community has saved me in so many ways, and rounded out my passion for health in such a beautiful way. I love helping people find the beauty they've always had and never been able to see. I love coming alongside people and inspiring them to accept parts of themselves that the world has deemed unacceptable. But I also love seeing people take charge of their own health and helping people find and harness their power. I want to tell everyone what I know to be true, that they are beautiful, worthy, and loved. I also want to tell them to be healthy, but how do I do that without sounding suspiciously like the million other voices telling them that they aren't good enough as they are? How do I tell someone that what food they consistently feed their body significantly affects their well-being without creating or triggering food anxieties? How do I help encourage people to exercise without making them feel lik…

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